The Scientific Age of Cannabis Is Underway!

PHENO is a cannabis science company that uses molecular farming to optimize harvest outcomes.

Cannabis is an ancient plant that can be found all over the world. It has two family groups, the tall sativas and shorter high-resin indicas.

The main influencers of cannabis growth are genetics and environment: ​


Contains the genetic makeup of cannabis and provides the blueprint for the cannabis traits that manifest in each plant strain.


Is the physical traits that nature and environment extract from the plant’s genetic code to produce different variants of shape, color, resin and smell.

PHENO uses AgTech science to increase crop productivity to address growers desires for crops with higher growth yield potential and the ability to overcome challenging environmental conditions.

PHENO biotechnology manufactures cannabis seeds and seed traits through highly specialized plant breeding that improves individual plant traits, chemical content, yield growth, harvest timing and overcomes pesticide resistance.

PHENO is a fully integrated biotechnology platform capable of providing AgTech solutions from pre-planting to throughout the entire cannabis crop cycle.

PHENO is the next generation of highly specialized cannabis plants that: