Pheno.AG Field Genetics Units (FGU)

Hemp Container System Design

Initial design of an all-in-one single container system for Hemp Genetics & Seed Production

Seed Production (FGU)

The Pheno.AG Field Genetics Unit (FGU) is an indoor grow facility packaged inside of a 45’ shipping container that when connected to our customizable cloud software, can automate the production of feminized seeds / grow cycle (depending on plant genetics) in a geographically distributed environment that doesn’t require geneticists, scientists or master cultivators in the field..


Field Genetics

The problem faced by most cannabis growers is that they don’t have the scientific or technological resources to perform plant phenotyping, phylogeny or genetic research in the field. We can assist with plant transformation, tissue culture, genomics and bioinformatics to optimize the plant genetics for your local environmental and particular business needs.


Our partners are working with us to adapt products that include Inoculants and Bio-Inductors, Seed Treatment, Adjuvants, Crop Nutrition and Biological Fertilizers to the cannabis market and are tied into the software & control system that powers the Pheno.AG FGU. Augmenting the FGU with field-based IoT sensors and devices gives us the ability to optimize the plant for your particular output needs (flower, mechanical handling, processing, chemical profile, etc)